About me


I started my working career as an Electrical Engineer.  In high school I enjoyed creating things from electrical hobby kits, fascinated by the endless possibilities of cool gadgets that I could create.

I went to college, graduating with an Engineering Degree and getting a job creating things on a larger scale

          ….this was a happy time in my life.

Unfortunately….over the years….in order to climb the corporate ladder….I had to merge into management and give up the joys of creation.

Eventually stuck in a J-O-B Topped Out – Zero Room for Growth – Salary Capped – with Loss of Neglected Engineering Talent.

Working 50+ hours a week, gave me no time to pursue any of my passions such as:

          Enjoying the outdoors – camping in the spring and summer – hunting in the fall and winter.

          Relaxing by a campfire smoking a good cigar with a nice glass of bourbon.

          And creating things with my own hands.

I was at a dead-end, stuck in a miserable job. 

To top it all off, my son in law, who is in the military, was transferred across the country, taking away quick access to my daughter and grandkids.

          This left me devastated.

I knew something had to change.

That’s when I decided to do something about it.  I needed to pursue life on my own terms.

          To have the flexibility to do the things I love and spend more time with my grandkids.

That’s when I decided to  start an online business – from scratch – with ZERO experience in online marketing.

          This rekindled passion in my life and I hope that you will join me on my new found journey.